The following tutorial will be held during the conference.

POF: Fibers, Cables, Transmitters, Receivers, Sensors, and Standards

Large Core Diameter Optical Fibers and POF Cables
– Polymer Optical Fibers, hybrid and glass fibers
– POF Cables
– Passive Components for POF
– Optical and mechanical properties of POF
– Standards for POF
– Measurement techniques for large core diameter fibers

Transmitter and Receiver for POF Systems
– LED and laser for data communication
– Large area photo detectors
– Comparison of different wavelengths for POF transmission
– Coupling technologies for active components
– Commercial available systems
– Design of POF Systems

POF Sensors
– Overview of POF Sensors
– POF vs. Glass fiber Sensors
– POF Sensor applications

Prof. Olaf Ziemann and Prof. Rainer Engelbrecht
POF-AC, Germany